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Youth work has a significant role to play in recognising the trends, challenges and supports young people require to achieve their potential in a fast changing culture.

Our Sunshine Coast based business offers schools, individuals and community organisations tailored ‘work shops’ on a range of youth relevant subjects and individual and group ‘counselling/therapy’  for all ages. Social media, bullying, anxiety and self harm are common areas that young people are currently seeking counselling and support. The pressure of family challenges and tenuous critical relationships often underpin risk taking, communication blocks and what may feel like sudden personality changes in a loved one. Overall there are a number of challenges a young person of 2017 may face that often results in feelings of confusion and overwhelm. We have a wide range of workshops and client centred counselling options and have been working on the Sunshine Coast with schools and young people for ten years; delivering strength based strategies to improve young people’s wellbeing and a proactive school culture.

To contact Youthwork for any further information, or to make an enquiry, please email

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